1. Different sight of view in research and development of active ingredient prescription through PUBMED, J. of stem cells, J. of Pharmacology, J. of dermatology, J. of cell biology, J. of agriculture.
  2. Differentiated treatment protocol based on human anatomy.
  3. Strong relationship and trustfulness with worldwide partners.
  4. Relentless endeavour for doing research, development in product, protocol and training program.
  5. Fluent English and Chinese presentation skill for convincing differentiated technology and scientific view.
  6. Strong background in cosmeceuticals, science, biomaterials, stem cells, phytochemicals, medical devices, formulations, packaging, marketing and sales.


Review publish

Select active ingredients

Plan prescription

Develop formulation

  • Do seminar
  • Do demonstration
  • Do sales & marketing
  • Do sales to new market

Develop protocol

Preliminary clinical test


Develop products and treatment protocols for professional treatment in clinic and medical spa.

 Competitive product line up 

  for OEM, ODM

Solution for Aged,  problemed skin, hair, and scalp repairing

R&D services for product   development, marketing  


  Develop specialized 

  protocol for skin care

  Develop specialized 

  protocol for scalp care

Develop science background in skin health & body care protocol

Review Science, medical  research paper 

Collaborative research  

and development  

Collect market needs,   analyze  acceptability, 

 design product  

 Plan prescription with active     ingredient combination, TDS

Specialized formulations resources

Appropriate components and  packaging resources